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Ch. Kristari's Powerball - POWER


Kristari's Diamond Diva- DIVA

Kristari's Chip and Dip - JUNIOR


Kristari's French Coquette- COOKIE


Kristari's Just Cruisin - CRUISER


Kristari's Brooklyn - BROOK


Kristari's Red Hot Lover -RED


Ch. Kristari's Twix - TWIX


Kristari's Apollo -APOLLO


Am/Thai Ch. Kristari's Absolute Scandal - SCANDAL


Kristari's Comte - COMTE


Ch. Kristari's Ready to Rumble - RUMBLE


Ch.Paragon's Absolutely Entertaining O'Kristari -Tango


Kristari's Olivia Pope - OLIVIA


Ch. Kristari's On the Sly - SLY


Ch. Kristari's Ginger Snap - GINGER


Am/Can Ch. Unicornhill Bonfire O'Kristari - BOND


Ch. Kristari's Daily Dose - DAISY


AM/Thai/Korea Ch.Kristari's Controlled - CHAOS


Kristari's Cairo - CAIRO


AM/CAN CH Kristari's Time Bomb - BOMBER


Kristari's Catch The Wind - WINDI


Kristari's Quiet Riot - RIOT


Ch. Libesol Not A Queen At Kristari - KHALEESI


Ch. Kristari's Palladin - PALLADIN


Kristari's Diamond Dust - DUSTY


Ch. Kristari's Tennessee Whiskey - WHISKEY


Kristari' Sansa - SANSA


Kristari' Shakespeare - SHAKER


Kristari's Fantzy - FANTZY


Kristari's High Voltage - BOLT


Kristari's Cheddar - CHEDDAR




Kristari's Turn Back the Page - PAGE




Kristari's Moonlight Romance - ROSIE









Ch. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy - CHIP


Ch. Kristari's Fame N Fortune - FAME

Ch. Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu - CHIEF


Ch. Kristari's Roses Are Red - ROSIE


Am/Cn Ch.Skrimshaw's Romeo O'Kristari - ROMEO


Ch. Kristari's Erlene - ERLENE


Ch. Kristari's Perry Mason - PERRY


Ch. Kristari's Miss Fire O'Tahluu - FIRE


Ch. Kristari's Kamir - KAMIR


Ch. Kristari's Spice Is Nice - SPICE


Ch. Innisfree's Mastercard - CREDIT


Ch. Innisfree's Sharon - SHARON


Ch. Kristari's Pacific Skyline - BRIGHTON


Ch. Innisfree's Marquessa- MARKIE


Aust Ch.Kristari's Blizzard O'Solocha - DQ


Ch. Kristari's Cat Ballou - CAT


Ch. Kristari's Chip Off The Old Block - BLOCKER


BIS Am/Sp Ch. Kristari's Miss Doubtfire - DOTY


Ch. Skrimshaw 'N Starlyte Patriot - PATRICK


Ch. Innisfree's Avalon O'Kristari - LONNIE


Ch. Kristari's Heartbreaker - BREAKER


Ch. Kristari's Kelly Girl O'Trebor - KELLY


BIS Am/Thai Ch. Kristari's Famous Amos - AMOS


Ch. Kristari's Remembrance - REMY


Ch. Kristari's They Call Me Teddy - TEDDY


Ch.Kristari's On A Winter's Day- WINTER


Am/Can Ch. Kristari's Full Throttle - FULLER


Ch. Kristari's Queen Of Cups - TARA


Ch. Kristari's Tickel Me Elmo - ELMO

Kristari's Okami - OKAMI


Am/Can Ch Kristari's Just Bummin - JUSTIN

Kristari's Whirlwind - MORIAH


Ch. Innisfree's Skrimshaw Orion -ORION

Ch. Kristari's Nut 'N Honey - HONEY


Ch. Kristari's Rudolph Valentino - RUDY

Ch. Kristari's Sealed With A Kiss - KISSY


Ch. Kristari's Black Tie Affair - TIE Kristari's Buttons and Bows -BUTTONS


Ch. Kristari's Dom Perignon - DOM Kristari's Tequila Chaser - CHASE


Ch. Kristari's Jokers Wild - JOKER Kristari's Ray O'Sunshine - RAYA


Ch. Kristari's Stoli - STOLI Kristari's Butterball - BUTTERBALL

Ch. Kristari's Van Gogh - VINNIE Kristari's Miss Personality - ALI

Ch. Kristari's Lovem 'N Leavem - LEVI Kristari's Non Negotiable - TIA

Kritari's Nollie -NOLLIE Kristari's Lacey - LACEY

Kristari's Rippin Good- RIP Kristari's Mint Julip -JULIE

  Kristari's Kiss This - TISSY

  Kristari's Just Joking -JUSTINE


  Kristari's Sugar Cookie - SUGAR


  Kristari's Sunny Daze - DAISY


  Kristari's X- Rated - PASSION


  Kristari's Brie - BRIE


  Kristari's Magic Trick - TRICKY


  Paragon's French Connection At Kristari


  Kristari's Sneak Attack - SNEAKERS







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